How to get free Steam cards and codes

Today, video games have become really popular, and the way you can buy them has changed drastically. Ten years ago, you'd have to hit a computer game shop, but now you can get your favorite game online.

One of the video game platforms that delivers this kind of service is Steam. If you're a gamer, you're probably already aware of what Steam is.

If this is the first time you've heard this word, it's essentially a digital video game streaming service created by Valve. This means that you can purchase new video games, apps, and even game pieces.

You will use your credit card or your own currency to add funds from your Steam wallet. There is a way to add balance, however without investing your own money. This is where free Steam Cards come in.

There are places that will allow you to receive these codes and cards free of charge. So to make it easier for you to find these sites, I'm going to show you a list of safe sites where you can get free legitimate Steam codes.

How To Get Your Free Steam Gift Cards For Free

Please notice that the only way to receive free steam cards is not this list. This is simply a list of the easiest places to sign up for based on my user experience.

In my view, these are the places that will help you to earn the most code in the shortest time possible.

Simply put, all the pages on this page have a good sales opportunity. I'm going to keep updating this list as I find some cool new sites, so be sure to bookmark this tab.

# 1 - PrizeRebel

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : $ 10 USD

Other payment methods : PayPal, Amazon, virtual prepaid Visa and gift cards.

Brief Summary:

PrizeRebel is a really popular GPT location for good cause. The explanation is that it has a tremendous opportunity for profits. Offers are still eligible so that you can win on a daily basis.

And of course, that's what you're going to be searching for on the web. This is what's going to help you win prizes even quicker. And as you can see, they've got a really low payment threshold of $5.

Combine it with the fact that they have a lot of income options being delivered on a daily basis, and so meeting the Steam Code threshold just won't be an issue.

# 2 - Get-Paid

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : $ 10 USD

Other payment methods : PayPal, Western Union, bitcoin and gift cards

Brief Overview of the following:

It is one of the most trustworthy and famous GPTs on the Internet. It helps you to complete deals for both, as well as polls, to pay for ads per click and to compete in tournaments for the most hard-working participants.

Winning and the first reward on being paid is really easy. That with certain payment systems the minimum payment is very low. You just have to collect $1 for PayPal!

I should stress the level system of this site. You can gain an xp and level up when you get successful so that extra prizes can be awarded for your performance and new forms of earning are unlocked.

# 3 - PointsPrizes

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : $ 20 USD

Other payment methods : PayPal, Amazon, bitcoin and gift cards.

Brief Summary:

One platform that is actually intended for video game fans is PointsPrizes. This GPT platform helps you to win game codes and Steam Cards easily by completing sales, surveys and other events.

It has a good range of revenue solutions that will help you hit a reasonably high payment cap of $20.

But what makes it orth considering is that it has a smartphone app on it. This will help simplify your job by encouraging you to accumulate points on the fly.

It also offers PayPal as a payment option if you want to make money.

# 4 - Points2shop

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : $ 20 USD

Other payment methods : PayPal, virtual prepaid Visa, check and gift cards

Brief Summary:

Points2Shop has a lot of chances to win. However, it is a little overwhelming when you start using it first. It's all a matter of habit, of course, but once you join, you need to be careful to figure out how it works.

There are a decent variety of polls, and you can also gain money by completing deals, playing games, welcoming friends, uploading your smartphone, and more.

The platform is available internationally, but as with any other platform that provides it the amount of options can vary from country to country.

# 5 - Grabpoints

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : Variable depending on the country

Other payment methods : PayPal, virtual prepaid Visa and gift cards.

Brief Summary:

GrabPoints is another GPT platform that helps you to win codes as well as cash and gift cards. As this is a GPT platform, you can expect to earn prizes by completing deals, answering surveys, viewing videos, etc.

The minimum amount needed for payment varies depending on the region, unfortunately for Latin America it is a little high. For me, I'm from Peru, they're telling me to collect $50, but it's very possible that the threshold is even smaller for you.

What makes it the best place to enter is in fact, because it has a decent range of deals offered on a daily basis and the benefits per bid are reasonably fair.

# 6 - appKarma

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : $ 20 USD

Other payment methods : PayPal and gift cards.

Brief Overview of the following:

AppKarma is an exclusive mobile application network. While it has a reasonably high payoff cap ($20), it's not going to be a big deal to meet the mark, though it may take a bit of patience.

The good thing is that you have a decent amount of prospects for money. The most popular activity you'll have to complete is to download other applications and win Point Games.

It also has a wide list of prizes, and its gui is in complete Spanish.

# 7 - Bananatic

Available in : All over the world.

Steam card from : 5 EUR

Other payment methods : PayPal, games, skins and gift cards.

Brief Overview of the following:

Bananatic is a platform where the theme is based on video games. In reality, the key task you need to complete is to download and test games in exchange for bananas. You should exchange this currency for Steam Cards.

There are other secondary possibilities for more bananas, such as finishing deals, viewing advertisements, submitting reports, watching videos, etc.

Something interesting that divides this site from the others is that you can even redeem the digital game keys or the CS: GO skins.